burns injury treatment


Safe and effective peptide treatment for skin burns

A burn is a type of injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, friction, or radiation. The depth of burn is important in determining its management and current treatment depends on the severity of the burn. The long-term outcome is primarily related to the size of the wound and the early inflammatory response.

Carocell Bio’s proprietary, patented peptide JEL3108 treatment has the potential to have significant effects on acute burns wound healing. It is expected that the peptide will significantly reduce the intense inflammation associated with an acute burn and hence reduce the early pain and later scarring after a burn.

Carocell Bio have been awarded an Innovate UK grant to examine the efficacy of our novel peptides at reducing the severe inflammation resulting from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The programme runs for 16 months, with the objective of demonstrating a reduction in inflammation in human burn tissue biopsies.

It is hoped that a reduction in inflammation will lead to a reduction in pain and possibly a reduction in subsequent collagen deposition and therefore burn scarring. The Carocell Bio team has worked with formulation experts, as well as Professor Fadi Issa from Stoke Mandeville hospital’s Burns Unit for burns tissue samples, and Immundnz for tissue analysis.


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