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Carocell Bio is a leader in inflammation technologies and believes
its pipeline has the potential to provide future generations with novel,
targeted anti-inflammatory therapies

Company profile

Carocell Bio is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focused on the development and commercialization of anti-inflammatory therapies and is committed to bringing novel, life-changing treatments to patients with atopic dermatitis, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory conditions. Carocell Bio believes its portfolio of products, which combine peptides and nanoparticle delivery technology, has the potential to deliver efficacy and safety benefits over existing standards of care and provide new approaches in the treatment of inflammation.

Investment Opportunities

Carocell is seeking a phased $10 million 'Series A' investment over the next 3 years to take the lead compound through to approved IND/CTA.

An initial $1 million investment will enable:

  • Drug manufacture and initial formulation development 
  • Assessment of anti-inflammatory properties of the compounds in explanted human tissue samples (atopic dermatitis, ulcerative colitis, burns) 
  • Delivery of human tissue ex vivo proof of concept required for further drug development
  • Selection of lead compound for development in primary indication

An additional $9 million investment will enable:

  • All the studies and investigations required to drive the selected lead compound through to regulatory-approved Investigational New Drug (IND) Clinical Trial Authorization (CTA). This will include safety, pharmacology and immunogenicity studies, as well as toxicology and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) formulation and manufacture for clinical trials
  • Set up of an 'Adaptive Development Committee' to devise and gain global approval for the proposed Adaptive Clinical Development Plan through to New Drug Application (NDA) and Marketing Authorization Application (MAA)


Our timeline


Intellectual Property

We are building a global pyramid of intellectual property (IP) protection

  • Strong, worldwide peptide IP protection to 2036
    • US: US10.293,029, granted May 2019
    • Japan: 100106002, granted August 2019
    • EU: filed and pending (est. Q1 2020)
    • China: filed and pending
  • Nanocin Patent WO2013054123

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