Carocell Bio reveals positive new preclinical data from patient biopsies

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  • Lead peptide JEL0305 shows efficacy in inflammatory disease tissue
  • Significant changes seen in atopic dermatitis (AD, eczema) and burn tissue biopsies
  • Indicates potential to treat atopic dermatitis and prevent it’s recurrence and possibly delay ageing of the skin

Cheadle, UK – 10 January 2022 – Today, Carocell Bio, the anti-inflammation therapeutics company, announced that its lead anti-inflammatory peptide JEL0305 shows efficacy in human inflammatory disease tissue biopsies. The candidate peptide-based treatment provides an innovative approach to treat atopic dermatitis (eczema, AD), prevent it’s recurrence and possibly delay ageing of the skin through a novel, next-generation anti-inflammatory MAP kinase-inhibiting mechanism.

The preclinical tests were carried out in collaboration with world leading inflammation expert and researcher, Professor Anne Dickinson of Newcastle University and Director of Newcastle Cellular Therapies Facility.  In December 2022, the company announced fundraising of USD $500,000 (£GBP 404,000) from Deepbridge Capital to support pre-clinical testing of its lead peptide for skin-related indications.

Carocell Bio’s CEO, Dr Mike Davies, said:

“These data demonstrate the potential of our anti-inflammatory peptide approach to help prevent scarring and potentially be used for other indications where inflammation plays a role. Applied topically, our novel MAP kinase inhibitory peptides could therefore make a positive and lasting change in patients’ lives. We are now focused on generating further preclinical data to help support our current findings.”

This week, Mike Davies was in San Francisco for the 41st annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (9-12 January), as well as other meetings that week, including RESI San Francisco 2023 (11 January) and Dermatology Summit 2023 (8 January). Contact Mike at to learn more about Carocell Bio or set up a meeting.

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