Our pipeline products are designed to interrupt the inflammatory cascade and have the potential to provide new, safer therapeutic options for patients with serious inflammatory diseases

Our research and what we do

Carocell Bio – developing new possibilities for the treatment of serious inflammatory diseases.

Carocell Bio has exciting, proprietary peptide-based anti-inflammation technology, originally discovered by AstraZeneca, which is being translated into innovative new treatments for patients to treat scarring after surgery and burns, as well as other inflammation-related conditions.

Carocell Bio’s peptides

Carocell Bio’s therapeutic peptides are highly potent and highly selective inhibitors of intracellular mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase (p38α).

Our development pipeline

Carocell Bio is developing a portfolio of novel molecules designed to inhibit the inflammatory cascade.

We are combining peptide MAPK inhibitors, initially discovered by AstraZeneca, with a nanoparticle delivery technology.

These novel therapeutics have demonstrated significant benefits in cellular studies.

inflammation cascade

Cellular studies


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