Carocell Bio is revolutionising the treatment of inflammatory disease with its pipeline of next-generation anti-inflammatory peptides, to promote healthier healing and skin.

Its pipeline of products, meant for topical application to the skin, is designed to interrupt the inflammatory cascade – potentially providing safer and novel therapeutic options for patients. This includes treating and preventing and atopic dermatitis (eczema) as well as delaying skin ageing.

Combining our proprietary, patented peptides with established nanoparticle technology enhances skin penetration. Our treatments are designed to be delivered topically, with the potential to deliver a much safer option compared to existing therapies.

In a previous study by Carocell Bio, it was demonstrated that the peptides can be delivered into individual cells from topical application, can lower inflammation to normal levels, and can also prevent the re-activation of inflammation.

Our latest results show that the lead peptide can significantly reduce the inflammation seen in human atopic dermatitis (eczema) biopsies, as well as in human burn tissue biopsies.

carocell bio indications progress


  • Unique MOA
  • Peptide + nanoparticle delivery
  • Blocks MAPK activation and reactivation
  • Reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine production


  • Topical, not systemic 
  • Soothing, therapeutic cream for skin conditions
  • Sterile spray for scar prevention


  • Potent inflammation inhibitor
  • Ability to ‘halt’ inflammation at the top of the intracellular inflammation cascade
  • Also prevents the activation of inflammation


  • Simple safety profile 
  • Rapidly broken down into amino acids in serum should eliminate any toxicity


  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema) – treat and prevent
  • Skin ageing – delay


Find out more about our therapeutic peptides and how they can reduce inflammation in a host of serious inflammatory diseases.


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